Meet Your Installer - David Downey

Are you focused on protecting your home? Or do you need an accountable and trustworthy industry professional to service your commercial or residential clients? In either case, David is Western Australia’s dedicated and experienced Leaf Free Gutter Guard™ Installer with specialist knowledge and training in fire protection.

David’s pathway to Leaf Free Gutter Guard™ began while working in property maintenance sixteen years ago. At that time he joined the bushfire volunteer fire brigade where an article about using Leaf Free Gutter Guard™ in the arsenal of home fire protection caught his eye. Enquiries were made that led to David’s transition to accredited Installer for the nationally renowned brand. In the last decade, David has also become Western Australia’s only Leaf Free Gutter Guard™ Distributor and Stockist.

David has made a career out of supporting others. From his early days working in retail, David has been face to face with his customers, never shy to address problems head-on, and always there to assist. It was during this time that David’s focus on customer care was founded and he has carried it throughout his career.

Taking care of his clients means providing a top of the range service with top of the range products. For David, it also means helping you to spot potential problems ahead of time to protect your family and assets, something he has a great passion for and is always enthusiastic to share.

David provides his services across all of Western Australia to:
● Home Owners
● Commercial Builders
● Schools
● Shires

The need for a high-quality gutter guard for fire protection and water collection is well known. The means to achieving this can sometimes feel a little daunting or be something you need to leave in the hands of a trained professional.


    Enjoy absolute peace of mind with our ironclad guarantee. We are supremely confident that you will love our products and the backing of our established 20-year business.


    Handpicked and highly qualified, our expert installers are trained to work specifically with our product range using application methods that will ensure a long-lasting result.


    Super-simple to maintain, just quickly hose out your gutters once every six to twelve months and your gutters will be perfect. Plus our Certified Installers have an offer to do this for you. Structural Warranty.